Dangerhouse Band
Four guys and a girl walk into a bar…
..and play music that has everyone smiling, laughing, singing along, dancing,
drinking… You know the routine!
The ​Dangerhouse Band ​ is the complete package. Lead singer, two guitars, bass,
and drums; full PA and lights; and a repertoire of songs covering seven decades of
great music. From the 50's to today, a Rock'n'Roll core plus a whole lot more: from
Blues and Soul, through Pop to alt-rock; some Country & Western, some Celtic
and Down East; favourites, forgotten hits, and the next big thing: tunes that are fun
and familiar. Got a song - or a set - that you've just gotta hear? We'll put together
he show you need.
The five ​Dangerhouse ​ musicians have decades of experience and they’ve done it
all; Dances, Weddings, Reunions, Festivals, Corporate Events, etc., from fully
electric to unplugged acoustic, in venues big and small.
The ​Dangerhouse Band ​: will bring the magic that only a live show can!

        Erin                             Dave                            Rick                            Mike                              Ranj